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Prog Corner

Unser Redakteur Sal Pichireddu [sal] fasst seit April 2000 in seiner Serie "Sal's Prog Corner" die relevanten Neuerscheinungen aus den Bereichen Progressive Rock und Art Rock zusammen.

  • Sal's Prog Corner #96 (#722, 30.01.2012)
  • Pink Floyd "Wish You Were Here"
    Various "Prog Rocks"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #95 (#715, 25.07.2011)
  • Cheer-Accident "No Ifs, Ands Or Dogs"
    Sun Domingo "Songs For End Times"
    Mars Hollow "World In Front Of Me"
    Trigon "2011"
    Gösta Berlings Saga "Glue Works"
    From.uz "Quartus Artifactus"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #94 (#714, 11.07.2011)
  • Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe "Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe"
    Emerson, Lake & Palmer "Original Album Classics"
    Univers Zéro "Heresie"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #93 (#707, 04.04.2011)
  • Paatos "Breathing"
    Yes "Union Live"
    Yes "Live At Montreux"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #92 (#702, 31.01.2011)
  • Poor Genetic Material "Island Noises"
    Gazpacho "Missa Atropos"
    Central Park "Reflected"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #91 (#694, 01.11.2010)
  • Nichelodeon "Il gioco del silenzio"
    Jethro Tull "Stand Up"
    T "Anti-Matter Poetry"
    Soft Machine Legacy "Live Adventures"
    Syd Barrett "An Introduction To"
    Yes "Keys To Ascension"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #90 (#686, 06.09.2010)
  • Various "Romantic Warriors - A Progressive Music Saga"
    Julie Slick "Julie Slick"
    Tohpati Ethnomission "Save The Planet"
    Frogg Café "Bateless Edge"
    Emerson, Lake & Palmer "Pictures At An Exhibition - Special Edition"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #89 (#677, 07.06.2010)
  • Marillion "The Official Bootleg Box Set Vol. 2"
    Mars Hollow "Mars Hollow"
    David Rhodes "Bittersweet"
    RPWL "The Gentle Art Of Music"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #88 (#672, 03.05.2010)
  • Fitzcarraldo "Lass sein was ist"
    Steve Thorne "Into The Ether"
    Paul Cusick "Focal Point"
    Univers Zéro "Clivages"
    Barry Cleveland "Hologramatron"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #87 (#666, 15.03.2010)
  • Relocator "Relocator"
    Neal Morse "So Many Roads"
    Kaipa "In The Wake Of Evolution"
    Jupiter Society "Terraform"
    Eatliz "Delicately Violent"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #86 (#658, 18.01.2010)
  • Fragments Of An Empire "I've Left The House With Light Clothes Only, Now I'll Never Get Warm Again"
    The Tangent "Down And Out In Paris And London"
    Parallel Or 90 Degrees "Jitters"
    Glass Hammer "Three Cheers Of The Broken Hearted"
    Big Big Train "The Underfall Yard"
    Moraine "Manifest Density"
    Miriodor "Avanti!"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #85 (#654, 30.11.2009)
  • Native Window "Native Window"
    Ray Wilson & The Berlin Symphony Ensemble "Genesis Klassic - Live in Berlin"
    Pain Of Salvation "Linoleum EP"
    Devin Townsend Project "Addicted"
    Bigelf "Cheat The Gallows"
    Izz "The Darkened Room"
    Marillion "The Singles '82-'88"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #84 (#651, 09.11.2009)
  • Redemption "Snowfall On Judgement Day"
    Moraine "Manifest Destiny"
    Markus Reuter & Ian Boddy "Dervish"
    Transatlantic "The Whirlwind"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #83 (#646, 05.10.2009)
  • Jethro Tull "Live At Madison Square Garden 1978"
    Parzival's Eye "Fragments"
    Mouth "Rhizome"
    Gösta Berlings Saga "Detta Har Hänt"
    Sylvan "Force Of Gravity"
    801 "Live (Collector's Edition)"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #82 (#641, 31.08.2009)
  • Beardfish "Destined Solitaire"
    Indukti "Idmen"
    Jolly "Forty-Six Minutes, Twelve Seconds of Music"
    Arjen Lucassen's Guilt Machine "On This Perfect Day"
    Morkobot "Morto"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #81 (#636, 13.07.2009)
  • The Wishing Tree "Ostara"
    Phideaux "Number Seven"
    Riverside "Anno Domini High Definition"
    The Butterfly Effect "Final Conversation Of Kings"
    Dream Theater "Black Clouds & Silver Linings"
    Marillion "Recital Of The Script"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #80 (#630, 25.05.2009)
  • Long Distance Calling "Avoid The Light"
    IQ "Frequency"
    Eric Woolfson "Eric Woolfson Sings The Alan Parsons Project That Never Was"
    Devin Townsend Project "Ki"
    Heart Of Cygnus "Over Mountain, Under Hill"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #79 (#625, 20.04.2009)
  • Cheer-Accident "Fear Draws Misfortune"
    Doubleyousee "Playing In Tongues"
    Saga "The Human Condition"
    Trank Zappa Grappa in Varese? "Play Zappa Live in Waremme 08"
    Blind Ego "Numb"
    Extra Life "Secular Works"
    Gazpacho "Tick Tock"
    Univers Zéro "Relaps: Archives 1984-1986"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #78 (#620, 09.03.2009)
  • Pendragon "Pure"
    Lobster Newberg "Actress"
    Pure Reason Revolution "Amor Vincit Omnia"
    Andrew Gorczyca "Reflections - An Act Of Glass"
    Gutbucket "A Modest Proposal"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #77 (#615, 02.02.2009)
  • Keith Emerson · Marc Bonilla · Glenn Hughes "Boys Club - Live from California"
    Presto Ballet "The Lost Art Of Time Travel"
    Nemo "Barbares"
    Asturias "In Search Of The Soul Trees"
    Parallel Or 90 Degrees "A Can Of Worms"
    Lars Hollmer "Viandra"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #76 (#609, 01.12.2008)
  • Genesis "Box Set 1970-1975"
    Frost "Experiments In Mass Appeal"
    Jack Foster III "Jazzraptor's Secret"
    Traumhaus "Die andere Seite"
    Edensong "The Fruit Fallen"
    Martin Orford "The Old Road"
    Anyone's Daughter "Piktors Verwandlungen"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #75 (#606, 10.11.2008)
  • Deus Ex Machina "Imparis"
    Karmakanic "Who's The Boss In The Factory"
    Nichelodeon "Cinemanemico"
    Rewiring Genesis "A Tribute To The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway"
    Neal Morse "Lifeline"
    Ayreon "Timeline"
    Moonbound "Confession And Release"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #74 (#601, 06.10.2008)
  • Richard Barbieri "Stranger Inside"
    Cog "Sharing Space"
    Keith Emerson Band "Keith Emerson Band"
    Eatliz "Violently Delicate"
    Tuner "Pole"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #73 (#595, 25.08.2008)
  • Sieges Even "Playgrounds"
    Moth Vellum "Moth Vellum"
    D.F.A. "4th"
    Sylvan "Leaving Backstage"
    Sylvan "Posthumous Silence - The Show"
    Ephrat "No One's Words"
    Univers Zéro "Univers Zéro"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #72 (#587, 16.06.2008)
  • Nektar "Book Of Days"
    Demians "Building An Empire"
    The Pineapple Thief "Tightly Unwound"
    The Amber Light "Play"
    Beardfish "Sleeping In Traffic: Part Two"
    Birds And Buildings "Bantam To Behemoth"
    Jupiter Society "First Contact // Last Warning"
    Matthew Parmenter "Horror Express"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #71 (#582, 05.05.2008)
  • Dawn "Loneliness"
    Dominici "O3 A Trilogy - Part 3"
    Nosound "Lightdark"
    Simon Says "Tardigrade"
    Thieves' Kitchen "The Water Road"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #70 (#574, 10.03.2008)
  • RPWL "The RPWL Experience"
    Moon Safari "Blomljud"
    Days Between Stations "Days Between Stations"
    The Tangent "Not As Good As The Book"
    La Desooorden "Ciudad de Papel"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #69 (#568, 28.01.2008)
  • Prisma "Collusion"
    Ayreon "01011001"
    Time Of Orchids "Namesake Caution"
    Delta Saxophone Quartet "Dedicated To You... But You Weren't Listening"
    Accordo Dei Contrari "Kinesis"
    Ahleuchatistas "Even In The Midst..."
    Sean Malone "Cortlandt"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #68 (#561, 19.11.2007)
  • Saga "10,000 Days"
    Glass Hammer "Culture Of Ascent"
    D.F.A. "Kaleidoscope"
    Threshold "The Ravages Of Time - The Best Of Threshold"
    Big Big Train "The Difference Machine"
    KBB "Proof Of Concept"
    The Pineapple Thief "What We Have Sown"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #67 (#555, 08.10.2007)
  • Soft Machine Legacy "Steam"
    Black Bonzo "Sound Of The Apocalypse"
    Canvas Solaris "Cortical Tectonics"
    Sieges Even "Paramount"
    The Flower Kings "The Sum Of No Evil"
    Poor Genetic Material "Paradise Out Of Time"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #66 (#550, 03.09.2007)
  • Deadsoul Tribe "A Lullaby For The Devil"
    Gösta Berlings Saga "Tid Är Ljud"
    Jethro Tull "Live At Montreux 2003"
    Ritual "The Hemulic Voluntary Band"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #65: Krautrock-Special, die Zweite (#548, 20.08.2007)
  • Eroc "Eroc 3"
    Cluster "Zuckerzeit"
    Harmonia "Musik von Harmonia"
    Yatha Sidhra "A Meditation Mass"
    Faust "So Far"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #64 (#543, 16.07.2007)
  • The Flower Kings "The Road Back Home"
    Frogg Café "The Safenzee Diaries"
    Phideaux "Doomsday Afternoon"
    The Watch "Primitive"
    Sleepytime Gorilla Museum "In Glorious Times"
    Arti & Mestieri "First Live In Japan"
    Alain Blesing "From The Beginning"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #63 (#537, 04.06.2007)
  • Dream Theater "Systematic Chaos"
    Devin Townsend "Presents: Ziltoid the Omniscient"
    Amarok "Sol De Medianoche"
    Spaltklang "Lontano"
    Rational Diet "Rational Diet"
    Saga "Worlds Apart Revisited"
    The Free Zen Society "The Free Zen Society"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #62 (#530, 16.04.2007)
  • Neal Morse "Sola Scriptura"
    Van Der Graaf Generator "Real Time"
    Dominici "O3 · A Trilogy - Part 2"
    Marillion "Somewhere Else"
    Porcupine Tree "Fear Of A Blank Planet"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #61 (#529, 10.04.2007)
  • Bill Brovold & Larval "Surviving Death / Alive Why?"
    Pure Reason Revolution "The Dark Third"
    Steve Thorne "Part Two: Emotional Creatures"
    Carptree "Insekt"
    Genesis "Box Set 1976-1982"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #60 (#520, 05.02.2007)
  • Age "2"
    Alias Eye "In Focus"
    Franck Balestracci "Modified Reality"
    Blind Ego "Mirror"
    Peter Hammill "Singularity"
    Pain Of Salvation "Scarsick"
    Pendikel "Don't Cry, Mondgesicht"
    Tea For Two "Twisted"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #59 (#515, 18.12.2006)
  • Twisted Into Form "Then Comes Affliction To Awaken The Dreamer"
    Jon Anderson "Tour Of The Universe"
    Barclay James Harvest "Caught Live"
    Emerson, Lake & Palmer "Pictures At An Exhibition"
    IQ "Stage"
    Yes "Yes Acoustic"
    Spock's Beard "Spock's Beard"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #58 (#507, 23.10.2006)
  • Theo Travis "Earth To Ether"
    Secret Oyster "Sea Son"
    A Triggering Myth "The Remedy Of Destruction"
    Deluge Grander "August In The Urals"
    Fluttr Effect "Marking Time"
    Sebkha-Chott "Nagah-Mahdi - Opuscrits En 48 Rouleaux"
    Nebelnest "Zepto"
    Phideaux "The Great Leap"
    Grobschnitt "Rockpommel's Land And Elsewhere..."

  • Sal's Prog Corner #57: DVD Special (#500, 04.09.2006)
  • Dream Theater "Score - 20th Anniversary World Tour"
    Pink Floyd "P.U.L.S.E."
    Stream Of Passion feat. Ayreon "Live In The Real World"
    Emerson, Lake & Palmer "The Birth Of A Band"
    Mike Oldfield "Live At Montreux 1981"
    The Band From Utopia "A Tribute To The Music Of Frank Zappa"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #56: Krautrock-Special (#491, 03.07.2006)
  • Amon Düül II "Yeti"
    Grobschnitt "The International Story"
    Guru Guru "Dance Of The Flames"
    Kraan "Live 88"
    Klaus Schulze "Irrlicht"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #55 (#485, 22.05.2006)
  • Paatos "Silence Of Another Kind"
    Advent "Cantus Firmus"
    T "Voices"
    Talis "Cities"
    Glass Hammer "Live In Belmont"
    Riverside "Voices In My Head"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #54 (#483, 08.05.2006)
  • MMCircle "Sibylle"
    Saga "Trust"
    Tarantula A.D. "Book Of Sand"
    O.S.I. (Office Of Strategic Influence) "Free"
    Tool "10.000 Days"
    Umphrey's McGee "Safety In Numbers"
    Tony Levin "Resonator"
    Phideaux "Chupacabras"
    Phideaux "313"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #53 (#478, 27.03.2006)
  • Strangefish "Fortune Telling"
    Poor Genetic Material "Spring Tidings"
    The Flower Kings "Paradox Hotel"
    Naikaku "Shell"
    Canvas Solaris "Penumbra Diffuse"
    Moon Safari "A Doorway To Summer"
    Soft Machine "Floating World Live"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #52 (#473, 20.02.2006)
  • Cerebus Effect "Acts Of Deception"
    The Tangent "A Place In The Queue"
    Izz "My River Flows"
    Ritual "Live"
    Sympozion "Kundabuffer"
    Univers Zéro "Live"
    Soft Machine "Out-Bloody-Rageous"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #51 (#467, 09.01.2006)
  • Eyestrings "Consumption"
    Wobbler "Hinterland"
    Indukti "S.U.S.A.R."
    Fates Warning "Live In Athens"
    Barclay James Harvest "All Is Safely Gathered In"
    Mats/Morgan Band "Thanks For Flying With Us"
    Magenta "The Gathering"
    Trigon "Emergent"
    Pink Floyd "London 1966/1967"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #50 (#463, 21.11.2005)
  • Stream Of Passion "Embrace The Storm"
    Neal Morse "?"
    Roine Stolt "Wall Street Voodoo"
    Deadsoul Tribe "The Dead Word"
    Riverside "Second Life Syndrome"
    Sieges Even "The Art Of Navigating By The Stars"
    The Mass "Perfect Picture Of Wisdom & Boldness"
    Mike Oldfield "Exposed"
    Jethro Tull "Aqualung Live"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #49 (#459, 24.10.2005)
  • Echolyn "The End Is Beautiful"
    Spock's Beard "Gluttons for Punishment"
    RPWL "Live - Start the Fire"
    Yes "The Word Is Live"
    Nil "Nil Novo Sub Sole"
    The Soft Machine Legacy "Live in Zaandam"
    ProgAID "All Around The World"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #48 (#454, 19.09.2005)
  • Discipline "Live 1995"
    Opeth "Ghost Reveries"
    Nekropolis 23 "Tidal Shift"
    Carptree "Man Made Machine"
    The Underground Railroad "The Origin Of Consciousness"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #47 (#450, 22.08.2005)
  • Barclay James Harvest "Live"
    Radio Massacre International "Emissaries"
    Steve Howe "Spectrum"
    Quidam "SuREvival"
    Tomas Bodin "I Am"
    Pineapple Thief "10 Stories Down"
    Glass Hammer "The Inconsolable Secret"
    Isildurs Bane "Songs From The Observatory"
    Van Der Graaf Generator "World Record / The Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome / Vital"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #46 (#446, 25.07.2005)
  • Van Der Graaf Generator "Godbluff / Still Life / Peter Hammill: Fool's Mate"
    Frogg Café "Fortunate Observer Of Time"
    La Düsseldorf "La Düsseldorf / Viva / Individuellos"
    Man On Fire "Habitat"
    Between "Einstieg (Re-Entry) / And The Waters Opened"
    Present "A Great Inhumane Adventure"
    Rain "Cerulean Blue"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #45: DVD Special (#444, 11.07.2005)
  • Isildurs Bane "MIND Vol.5: The Observatory"
    Evergrey "A Night To Remember"
    Ian Anderson "Plays The Orchestral Jethro Tull"
    Echolyn "Stars And Gardens"
    IQ "IQ20 - The Twentieth Anniversary Show"
    Various "Gouveia Artrock 2004"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #44 (#440, 13.06.2005)
  • Frameshift "An Absence Of Empathy"
    Kaipa "Mindrevolutions"
    Little Atlas "Wanderlust"
    Poor Genetic Material "Free To Random"
    Dream Theater "Octavarium"
    Ray Wilson "Live"
    Van Der Graaf Generator "The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other / H to He Who Am The Only One / Pawn Hearts"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #43 (#436, 16.05.2005)
  • Porcupine Tree "Deadwing"
    K² "Book Of The Dead"
    Finnegans Wake "4th"
    Pain Of Salvation "BE - Original Stage Production"
    Van Der Graaf Generator "Present"
    Steve Thorne "Emotional Creatures Part One"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #42 (#426, 07.03.2005)
  • Spock's Beard "Octane"
    The Amber Light "Stranger & Strangers"
    Thalija "Thalija"
    Æon Spoke "Above The Buried Cry"
    Umphrey's McGee "Anchor Drops"
    Kino "Picture"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #41 (#420, 24.01.2005)
  • Ayreon "Actual Fantasy Revisited"
    Arena "Pepper's Ghost"
    Centrozoon "Never Trust The Way You Are"
    Magenta "Another Time... Another Place..."
    RPWL "World Through My Eyes"
    Paatos "Timeloss"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #40 (#415, 06.12.2004)
  • Happy The Man "The Muse Awakens"
    Dream Theater "Live At Budokan"
    Soft Machine "Live In Paris"
    Enchant "Live At Last"
    Andy Rinehart "Pillbox"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #39 (#411, 08.11.2004)
  • California Guitar Trio "White Water"
    Frogg Café "Frogg Café"
    Neal Morse "One"
    Dream Theater "Live At Budokan"
    Pain Of Salvation "BE"
    Blackfield "Blackfield"
    The Tangent "The World That We Drive Through"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #38 (#405, 27.09.2004)
  • Fripp & Eno "The Equatorial Stars"
    Trigon "Herzberg 2004"
    Threshold "Subsurface"
    Grobschnitt "The History Of Solar Music, Vol.5"
    The Flower Kings "Adam & Eve"
    Univers Zéro "Implosion"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #37 (#398, 19.07.2004)
  • Moongarden "'Round Midnight"
    Paatos "Kallocain"
    4/3 de Trio "Ersatz"
    Neal Morse "Testimony Live"
    Ayreon "Universal Migrator Part I & II"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #36 (#397, 12.07.2004)
  • Proto-Kaw "Before Became After"
    Karmakanic "Wheel Of Life"
    A Sparrow-grass Hunt "Le journal du dormeur"
    Ayreon "The Human Equation"
    IQ "Dark Matter"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #35bis (#390, 24.05.2004)
  • Magenta "Seven"
    Matthew Parmenter "Astray"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #35 (#388, 10.05.2004)
  • Ahvak "Ahvak"
    TOC "Loss Angeles"
    Big Big Train "Gathering Speed"
    Metaphor "Entertaining Thanatos"
    Little Atlas "Surface Serene"
    Peter Hammill "Incoherence"
    Guapo "Five Suns"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #34 (#383, 29.03.2004)
  • Pain Of Salvation "12:5"
    Thieves' Kitchen "Shibboleth"
    Discus "...tot licht!"
    The Mass "City Of Dis"
    Jack Foster III "Evolution Of JazzRaptor"
    Toxic Smile "RetroTox Forte"
    NDV "Live And Acoustic"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #33 (#376, 09.02.2004)
  • King Crimson "Eyes Wide Open"
    Threshold "Critical Energy"
    Inquire "Melancholia"
    Grobschnitt "Illegal Live"
    Apogee "The Garden Of Delights"
    Ritual "Ritual"
    Thinking Plague "A History Of Madness"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #32 (#371, 15.12.2003)
  • Alias Eye "A Different Point Of You"
    Dream Theater "Train Of Thought"
    The Flower Kings "Meet The Flower Kings"
    Trey Gunn "Untune The Sky"
    Transatlantic "Live In Europe"
    Yes "Speak"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #31 - InsideOut Special (#361, 06.10.2003)
  • Tomas Bodin "Sonic Boulevard"
    California Guitar Trio "The First Decade"
    Kaipa "Keyholder"
    Neal Morse "Testimony"
    The Tangent "The Music That Died Alone"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #30 (#352, 28.07.2003)
  • John Wetton "Rock of Faith"
    Conspiracy "The Unknown"
    Djam Karet "A Night For Baku"
    Nekropolis 23 "Vol. 1"
    Spock's Beard "Feel Euphoria"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #29 (#346, 16.06.2003)
  • Bone "Uses Wrist Grab"
    Carptree "Superhero"
    Centrozoon "The Scent Of Crash And Burn"
    Grobschnitt "The History Of Solar Music, Vol.4"
    Steve Hackett "To Watch The Storms"
    Jadis "Fanatic"
    Shub Niggurath "Testament"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #28 (#339, 28.04.2003)
  • Ritual "Think Like A Mountain"
    Derek Sherinian "Black Utopia"
    Devin Townsend Band "Accelerated Evolution"
    Eloy "Timeless Passages - The Very Best Of Eloy"
    Anyone's Daughter "Anyone's Daughter - Requested Document Vol.2"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #27 (#332, 03.03.2003)
  • King Crimson "The Power To Believe"
    Echolyn "A Little Nonsense: Now And Then (1989-2000)"
    RPWL "Stock"
    Kansas "Device - Voice - Drum"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #26 (#327, 27.01.2003)
  • Echolyn "Mei"
    Arena "Contagion"
    King Crimson "Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With"
    King Crimson "Ladies Of The Road"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #25 (#323, 09.12.2002)
  • Soft Machine "Backwards"
    Grobschnitt "The History Of Solar Music Vol.3"
    Steve Howe "Skyline"
    Peter Wahle's Amigo News "Tanz der Götter 2002"
    The Flower Kings "Unfold The Future"
    Kansas "Proto-Kaw: Early Recordings from Kansas 1971-1973"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #24 (#318, 04.11.2002)
  • Various "ProgFever Vol.1"
    Ryo Okumoto "Coming Through"
    Tomas Bodin "Pinup Guru"
    Karmakanic "Entering The Spectra"
    Ole Lukkoye "Horse Tiger"
    McDonald & Giles "McDonald & Giles"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #23 (#314, 07.10.2002)
  • Steve Howe "Homebrew 1 + 2"
    Pierre Vervloesem "Grosso Modo"
    Ines Project "Slipping Into The Unknown"
    The Styrenes "Terry Riley In C"
    California Guitar Trio "CG 3+2"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #22 (#311, 16.09.2002)
  • Spock's Beard "Snow"
    Enchant "Blink Of An Eye"
    Threshold "Critical Mass"
    Deus Ex Machina "Cinque"
    Anyone's Daughter "Piktors Verwandlungen"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #21 (#297, 03.06.2002)
  • Arkham "Arkham"
    Izz "I Move"
    Nebelnest "Nova Express"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #20: DVD Special (#295, 20.05.2002)
  • Yes "Symphonic Live"
    Caravan "Classic Rock Legends"
    Hatfield & The North "Classic Rock Legends"
    IQ "Subterranea - The Concert"
    Jethro Tull "Living With The Past"
    Asia "Classic Rock Legends"
    Mostly Autumn "The Story So Far"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #19 (#292, 29.04.2002)
  • Trans-Siberian Orchestra "Beethoven's Last Night"
    Marillion "Anorak In The UK"
    Grobschnitt "The History Of Solar Music Vol.2"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #18 (#287, 25.03.2002)
  • Kaipa "Notes From The Past"
    RPWL "Trying To Kiss The Sun"
    Poor Genetic Material "Leap Into Fall"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #17 (#281, 11.02.2002)
  • Grobschnitt "The History Of Solar Music Vol.1"
    Dream Theater "Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence"
    Pain Of Salvation "Remedy Lane"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #16 (#272, 03.12.2001)
  • King Crimson "Vrooom Vrooom"
    Steve Hackett "Live Archive 70, 80, 90s"
    Lou Maxwell Taylor "Cheshire Tree Suite"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #15 (#268, 05.11.2001)
  • Transatlantic "Bridge Across Forever"
    Picchio Dal Pozzo "Camere Zimmer Rooms"
    Univers Zéro "Crawling Wind"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #14 (#263, 01.10.2001)
  • The Flower Kings "The Rainmaker"
    Yes "Magnification"
    Present "High Infidelity"

  • Sal's Prog Corner #13 (#260, 10.09.2001)
  • Anyone's Daughter "Anyone's Daughter - Requested Document"
    Alias Eye "Field Of Names"

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