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[ << | Inhalt | >> ]Ausgabe #607 vom 17.11.2008
Rubrik Feature

Inselplatten Leech

Mit Disziplin und Teamgeist haben uns Leech ihre 5x2 Inselplatten verraten:

Urs Meyer (Guitars & Piano)

  • John Coltrane "My Favourite Things" – The title track contains one of the most affecting tunes ever, airy and groovy.
  • Labradford "Mi Media Naranja" – An album full of calmness and lachrymose melodies.
Tobias Schläfli (Synthesizers)
  • Spacemen 3 "Playing With Fire" – A curious, fascinating record, a feast sound – »I have a passion sweet lord...and it just won't go away« (play it loud!).
  • Roy & The Devil's Motorcycle "Because Of Woman" – A psychedelic blue, gospel explosion that makes me happy (play it louder!).
David Hofmann (Bass & Guitar)
  • The National "Alligator" – Little big songs with huge melodies and great guitar lines. The record gets bigger the more you listen to it.
  • The Cinematic Orchestra "Everyday" – Great mood an vibe throughout the whole record. A very nice and homogenous mixture of samples and live played instruments.
Marcel Meyer (Guitars & Piano)
  • Faith No More "King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime" – One of the best rock albums in the 90's. A very powerful and aggressive record vs. very lovely and atmospheric sounds.
  • Marie Queenie Lyons "Soul Fever" – Just to say incredible!!! Her voice is like a dream. Fantastic sound, great grooves and horn section. A wonderful soul album; after I heard that record I had 'soul fever'.
Serge Olar (Drums)
  • Peter Gabriel "Up" – The best pop album ever. Very dark and sad and at the same time beautiful and nice! Incredible modern sounds mixed with a live vibe so it sounds very natural. And as always from Peter Gabriel: a killer production!
  • The Police "Outlandos d'Amour " – Just incredible and mindblowing drumming here! Stewart Copeland just blew everything away at that time... and of course the songs on this record are just brilliant. "Next To You", "So Lonely", "Roxanne", etc.

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