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Rubrik In aller Kürze

Foto: Frank Clauwers, Quelle: http://www.sarahbettens.com

Inselplatten von Sarah Bettens

Vor ihrem Konzert in der Frankfurter Brotfabrik haben wir uns mit Sarah Bettens über ihre Inselplattenauswahl unterhalten. Von den All-Time-Faves ist es ein kurzer Weg, die Quellen der Inspiration für ihre eigenen Platten herauszuhören. Nostalgie hat auch ihre netten Seiten:

  • Indigo Girls "12,000 Curfews" – They are one of my favourite bands regarding songwriting and harmony vocals. Hearing them live is great and "12,000 Curfews" is full of my favourite songs and captures Indigo Girls better than their studio records.
  • K's Choice "Ten" – This one I take for nostalgic reasons – it reminds me of what I did most of my life.
  • Carole King "Tapestry" – This one I bought just five or six years ago. It's full of real classics – it is fantastic. Greg Wells, the producer of my solodebut "Scream", is Carole King's son in law. Brilliant record.
  • Prince "Sign 'o' The Times" – This was my first encounter with a really good record. It's genius, very original and so different from everything else at that time. It defined the status of a 'good record'.
  • Muse "Absolution" – Just to have something really heavy on the island to listen to. If I'm in a little bit of a more heavy rock mood, that's how it goes. I think it's absolutely brillantly produced. It's just fantastic, so original and the way they play with sound is unlike everything I've ever heard before. Just very, very strong, powerful and smart.
  • ABBA "Gold" – I was a huge Disco fan when I was ten or something and stuff like ABBA, Pointer Sisters, Donna Summer was the first music I sang along to. I was absolutely crushed when ABBA broke up cause I was only twelve or something when it happened, so I knew I was never going to see them live. But it always gets me in a great mood when I hear it. Have you ever seen that coverband Björn Again? It's amazing! We were at a festival in Switzerland and at two o'clock in the morning Björn Again played and so I walked over there. Not with huge expectations, just thinking like it's going to be fun. But they came out and started playing "Waterloo" and I almost cried. I was so happy. It was unbelievable how much it sounded like the original. So that's the closest I ever got to an ABBA concert. Better than nothing.
  • Shawn Colvin "A Few Small Repairs" – I've seen her live a couple of times and I've been blown away every time. From her last record "Whole New You" (2004) I loved the first song "A Matter Of Minutes" so much that I couldn't listen to the rest of the record for like two days. I couldn't move on, because I just wanted to hear it over and over. She has those kind of songs who are just amazing and her voice just blows me away.
  • Bonnie Raitt "Luck Of The Draw" – I have a lot of great memories with that record. Just another very defining time in my life listening to it. And "I Can't Make You Love Me" is probably one of my favourite alltime songs. And Bonnie Raitt is my favourite singer.
  • Tracy Chapman "Tracy Chapman" – I just immediately fell in love with "Fast Car" and it was the time, especially in Europe, when songwriter music was not popular at all. So Tracy Chapman was kind of the first female singer/songwriter music that was really big and selling a lot of records. You'll notice that a lot of the things I'm picking are strong women who have something to say. It's inspiring.
  • Eurythmics "We Two Are One" – I saw a concert by them when I was 17 or 18 years old. And it's the only time in my life that I remember, when I was watching a show and I lost complete track of time. That never happened to me again. They stopped playing and an hour and a half had gone by, and I thought it was 15 minutes. I really lost track of all sense of time and I just stood there with my mouth open. I was very inspired by Annie Lennox and her personality. She looked like she's having such a good time. Eurythmics was my favourite band for a long time.

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