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Rubrik Feature

Inselplatten von David Judson Clemmons

  • Neil Young & Crazy Horse "Rust Never Sleeps" – Perfect album, half rock half acoustic, fantastic fantasy rock and roll cover, the huge flight cases and amps. A song like "Pocahontas" really does me well, this is such a piece of work, also where the hey hey my my hit came from, that will last for generations to come.
  • Alison Krauss & Union Station "New Favorite" – Although I probably would not have a car on the island, I would still remember driving on tour listening to this masterpiece! The best female voice I know... and she also plays the violin, wow. Such great bluegrass, but modern, fast, picking, well written songs that make you really think, and smile.
  • Pink Floyd "The Dark Side Of The Moon" – This must be there, as it is a mirror of our society. Like the Terry Gillian movie "Brazil", this is a wonderful and beautiful reflection of ourselves and a prediction of where we are going.
  • Tool "Aenima" – For those days when you really need to get the blood flowing, move your head. Such crisp yet warm production, vocals from the depths of Mordor, yet full of hope and inspiration. It was with this album, I realized Tool were the gods of intense rock... I love Rage Against The Machine, lots of more 'hip' heavy rock but this one just tops the cake.
  • Metallica "Master Of Puppets" – Laugh if you will, some of you new on the block metal heads, but this one changed our lives... The last record with Cliff Burton (without offending Jason or Robert) was just so bad-ass, played with his fingers, on a Rickenbacker like Lemmy, and looked like a redneck, which I love as I am born into the redneck world. This record just rips shreds and is untouchable in my book. Listen to the guitars on "Battery".
  • Harry Connick Jr. "20" – This is a collection of old standards, played in the special 'New Orleans'-Style that Harry is so well known for. A great sing-along-album, a feel good, lets laugh and smile and dance slow, or boogie... coool cooool tunes sung and played with a sassy Louisiana flavour. I listen to this thing over and over... helps the voice to sing along to Harry.
  • U2 "Joshua Tree" – Groundbreaking album that inspired me to sing, has an intense timeless power, of a band that started together and would stay together for many years. That had some political visions but keeps their music on a level that we can get into. Great songs, killer guitar and vocals... this makes me happy and rocks.
  • Styx "The Grand Illusion" – Laughing again are you... well, me and producer Ross Robinson (The Cure, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Sepultura, Soulfly) used to rock out to this in the 1990s, even after it was way old news, and even before South Park recorded "Come Sail Away" in their own style. A full power album of hits and fantasy, killer guitar playing and shredding vocals from Tommy Shaw and the keyboard dude Dennis de Young, I met those guys on an airplane one time when I was about 19 and they talked to me and were really nice, so that also helps them enter into my top 10.
  • Indigo Girls "Swamp Ophelia" – Not so many people in Europe know these girls. Well, they are two sassy girls from Athens, Georgia (R.E.M. also) and they worked their way through the college circuit into the hearts of millions of Americans. They are kickass singers/songwriters, harmonizing every note and singing about important stuff, even political. They make it sound like they are singing about flowers, so well written. And they inspired thousands to vote, to think for themselves and really are a quality pair of singers. I hope they are still going, but not sure. I think there are about 12 or more full length albums.
  • Nat King Cole "The Christmas Song" – To close my top 10 this lovely album, from the 1960s I think, where Nat sings the Mel Tormé "Christmas Song" and many other great holiday hits. Brings me back to being a child, before I knew about psycho relationships and bills and stress and it is a 'happy place' for me... to go. Around that time when people start shopping uncontrollably and walking fast. I am not a heavy religious person at all, this album just rocks and brings to any room a good mood.

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