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Inselplatten von Duff Battye (Belasco)

Duff Battye, Bassist von Belasco, erklärt uns seine Inselauswahl:

  • Thin Lizzy "Live And Dangerous" – The greatest live rock album of all time bar none. Brilliant songs, innovative guitar playing and topped with Phil Lynott. Lynott was a black Irish man in the racist days of the 1970s who straddled rock and punk and was loved by all. He was one of the iconic front men of all time.
  • David Bowie "Hunky Dory" – What can you say. One of the great albums of all time. It's got such good songs and interesting arrangements (there are hardly any drums in the verses). It would be a perfect desert island disc as you can play it loud or quiet and it still works so well.
  • Tool "Aenima" – One of the great rock bands of all time. Incredibly musical and brilliant players but also packed full of emotion. They are so unique in today's stale scene. Any of their albums would be on this list but this is a favourite. "Hooker With A Penis" is genius.
  • Omar "There's Nothing Like This" – I'm not a big fan of soul or R&B (as most of it is rubbish) but this album is great. It's the perfect romantic evening album – one to put on whilst sipping crystal with your lady. He's got a fantastic voice and he's amazing live.
  • Rage Against The Machine "Rage Against The Machine" – There is no better record for getting worked up to. It makes you want to jump around and break things. You'll probably need that on a desert island.
  • Hank Williams III "Straight To Hell" – I'm not a big country fan but this record is how I imagine country music should sound – offensive and punky. All that watered down Garth Brooks style stuff doesn't feel like authentic country music – more pop. Amazing guitar playing also.
  • Brad "Brad Vs Satchel" – I'm not really a Pearl Jam fan as such but I really rate Stone Gossard (the guitar player). Brad is a side project of his with Shaun Smith (from Satchel). The combination of Gossard's guitars and Smith's voice is great. Beautiful songs...
  • Buck 65 "Square" – As with R&B and soul, most hip-hop is shit. All that gangsta, bling rap is utter bollocks. All those idiot rappers are aspiring to a lifestyle that hip-hop was meant to tear apart (where are the next Public Enemy when you need them). Another irony is that all the underground hip-hop stuff is so creative. Buck 65 is a favourite – very mellow, great rapping, very leftfield.
  • The Afghan Whigs "Gentlemen" – This is an album that has big memories for me. When I first moved to London this was the soundtrack. It's got brilliant songs and is infused with emotion.
  • Guns'n'Roses "Appetite For Destruction" – It was a toss up between this and "Rocks" by Aerosmith. It's such a good party record and all those riffs are heavy but also funky. "Mr Brownstone", "Welcome To the Jungle" and "Nighttrain" all really groove. It's no wonder it's such a massive album.

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