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David Knopfler's Ten CDs For A Desert Island

David Knopfler hat uns seine Inselplatten samt Kommentaren verraten:
1. Bob Dylan "Blonde On Blonde"
Arguably Dylan's best album – and two for the price of one. The man who made it all possible for all of us singer-songwriters by turning the popular song into an art form.
2. Bob Dylan "Blood On The Tracks"
Arguably Dylan's other best album! ;) (or maybe a Best Of Dylan compilation)
3. Joni Mitchell "Both Sides Now"
(if only for a case of you, Hejeira or Court and Spark would hit the spot too) The other 20th Century musical genius that history will remember 400 years from now if we're still here.
4. Van Morrison "Saint Dominic's Preview"
Timeless and elegant unforced performances – arguably the best rock vocalist ever.
5. Nina Simone "The Essential Nina Simone" (for her 1958 and 1959 studio recordings) Little Girl Blue is utterly charming.
6. Tom Waits "Heartattack And Vine"
Probably my favourite Waits album – but almost anything piano driven from his Asylum years is worth having.
7. Cat Stevens "Teaser And The Firecat"
To take me back to innocence and student days.
8. Marc Cohn "Marc Cohn"
Amazing debut album. Everything in terms of production value, voice, engineering and songs you could ask for in one place.
9. Randy Newman "Trouble In Paradise"
Not a bad song on the whole album... though that's true of several Newman albums.
10. Bruce Springsteen "The Ghost Of Tom Joad"
I love the fact that despite having enjoyed all the trappings of rock stardom, Springsteen found the grace and courage to seek redemption by making this very special unplugged album. Whether it was intended or not it's a birdy to Mamon and Springsteen's place in Heaven is assured with this brave decision. I'd take this record for one piece of imagery... "Smokestacks reaching like the arms of God..."

This is when I start thinking – Jees – what about Miles Davis?! "So What" is fantastic! Shit!! What about Lennon?! Walls and Bridges... aghh... Couldn't I take an MP3 player and squeeze more songs onto it? What about Little Feat? What about Steelie Dan? What about...

I might also regret not have brought Abba's "Greatest Hits"... let's face it – something inane and cheerful on a desert island might just be the thing to listen to on the day you decide the 500 mile swim simply can't be put off any longer to get back to a recording studio...




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